Disable two-finger scrolling in Chrome

This was a major pain for me. I use two-finger scroll for vertical and horizontal scrolling. Chrome trips me up by occasionally (when I swipe fast enough) browsing through my page history. A big inconvenience especially when one is working on documents or forms online. Almost got to the point where I was thinking of swearing off Chrome altogether.

I looked online and found some forums which said that it couldn’t be done. Then I found this website which gives simple instructions to disable this on an application basis. Just run the following command in terminal:

defaults write com.google.Chrome.plist AppleEnableSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool FALSE

¬†Update: This doesn’t seem to work in Mavericks. Chrome still has the same annoying behavior.

Aquamacs line wrapping

On and off, Aquamacs starts behaving strangely with the line wrap. I usually have word-wrap mode set. And yet, when I open an org-mode file I see that truncate-mode or some other such is set. Here is what to do to get it back to normal:

Go to Options -> Customize Aquamacs -> Aquamacs-specific options. That will open up a buffer with a bunch of options. Scroll down to ‘Text mode hook’. Unselect all the options, select set-word-wrap and delete all the extra options set at the bottom, if any. Save for all sessions.