Review – is a site with an excellent idea. Quantitative rewards for performance. Tangible positive reinforcement. Micro-bonuses.

The idea

The idea is that within a team, there are occasions when we want to recognise someone’s achievements. In addition to positive words, lets us give a reward to someone, a micro-bonus as it were. The advantage is that we can easily total the value that a person has added to others in their eyes. Since a reason can be given for every bonus payment, this can be a good objective basis for an evaluation.

The implementation

  • It has integration with Slack, which is a group chat app that looks great and is very fast.
  • The interface is quick and aesthetic.


Free for up to 25 people in a team. This is fantastic.


  • No penalties. So only positive reinforcement. But this also means that we cannot use this for a full-fledged evaluation of a team member.